Our first priority is to hold a summit for disability issues in Pittsburgh. Our ideal participants include members of the disability community, local businesses and organizations, and members of local government. The event will bring together these stakeholders to discuss the current “state of the union” of disability issues, and prioritize which issues need to be addressed first moving forward.

Community Engagement

The outcome of the town hall will help to guide direction of community engagement. We will take note of the priorities that are named during the meeting, and use these guidelines to dictate which groups and community organizations we engage with first. We believe it is vital that the community be made more aware of the needs of the disability community, so that we can work together to improve conditions within the city.


Accessible YOUniverse has been honored to speak at various panels, sharing the message of disability advocacy and inclusion. We will continue to seek out these opportunities. If you are interested in having us speak at or take part in an event that you’re planning, please get in touch by e-mailing us at